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Welcome to the Pro Wrestling Chaos event history pages, where you can find details of previous events, title histories, as well as results by athlete on the roster page. This site is currently under construction, so may have incomplete data.

In 2013, 3 friends decided to run a wrestling show. Since then, Pro Wrestling Chaos has become one of the fastest growing [wrestling] companies in the UK.

Behind the Chaos

From the creme of burgeoning hot-prospects in the UK to the most seasoned international independent wrestlers, from the highest-flyers to the hardest-hitting heavyweights, Pro Wrestling Chaos has it all. Add in the compelling show-to-show storytelling, and you are watching some of he best wrestling in the world today.

Title History

King Flash and his Knights

Since its creation in 2014, the King of Chaos championship has gone from strength to strength. Not only have the performances of Mike Bird and The Wild Boar established it as a leading UK title, but so have the queue of superstar challengers. The likes of Rich Swann, Johnny Gargano, Sami Callihan and Hardcore Holly have all tried and failed to be crowned King.

Boar's year-plus second reign came to an abrupt end, shockingly eliminated first in the seven-way elimination match (versus Flash Morgan Webster, Jimmy Havoc, Eddie Ryan, Dave Mastiff, Mike Bird and Big Grizzly) at Chaos B Ballin'. Flash, returning from serious injury, finally eliminated the first King, Mike Bird, to become the third King in the fifth Reign of Chaos.

Pro Wrestling Chaos held a year-long tournament in 2016 to entitle their first Tag-team Champions, including such teams as The London Riots, Project Lucha and The Hunter Brothers. The Steele Dragons (Eddie Dennis & Alex Steele) defeated The Swords of Essex to become the first Knights of Chaos.

The Flash Webster-led team of The Modern Culture (Danny Jones & Richie Edwards) became the second set of Knights, appropriately also at Chaos B Ballin'.

An Audience With... & Other releases

A selection of titles

To coincide with the visit of wrestling's biggest stars, Pro Wrestling Chaos often promote 'An Audience With...' events. These Q&A interviews are interesting insights into characters, gimmicks and grappling history, along with the occasional 'shoot' story.

Along with the Behind the Chaos documentary, these are hosted and produced by Benjamin Allen.

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